Tropical Substrates

  • Rain Forest
  • Jungle Earth
  • Forest Bark
  • Tropical Forest Floor
  • Bamboo Forest Floor
  • Equatorial Forest Floor
  • Plantation Soil (Brick)
  • Plantation Soil
  • Forest Moss
  • Coco Husk (Brick)
  • Coco Husk
  • Moss Mat

Desert Substrates

  • Desert Sand
  • Sand Mat

Aquatic Substrates

  • Riverbed Sand
  • Turtle Pebbles

Breeding Substrates

  • Snake Bedding

Draining System

  • BioDrain Mesh
  • BioDrain Substrate

Substrates in natural terrariums have many functions and are not only there for decoration purposes. They play a very important role in the determination of the terrarium's micro-climate. Digging and burrowing reptiles and amphibians have different needs than tree dwelling species, whereas desert animals prefer yet another type of substrate. Heat conductivity is important when a substrate heater like the Heat Wave is used and the absorption capacity will contribute to the overall air humidity. Exo Terra developed a series of substrates for the dry, humid and aquatic terrarium, all made from natural materials.

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