Fluorescent Light Controllers

  • Light Unit
  • Light Cycle Unit

Screw-Based Fixtures

  • Sunray Fixture
  • Terrarium Fixture
  • Wire Light
  • Light Bracket

Terrarium Canopies

  • Linear Top
  • Turtle UVB Fixture
  • Compact Top

LED fixtures

  • Scorpion Light
  • Full Moon
  • Day & Night LED Fixture


  • Light Dome
  • Glow Light
  • Halogen Glow Light
  • Reptile Dome

The fixture is an important aspect of the lighting and heating system, ensuring the safety and proper function of the applied light or heat source. All fixtures comply with both European and North American safety regulations and have been subject to testing by independent laboratories. Exo Terra is committed to ensuring you and your reptile’s safety.

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