Reptile Research / 1st discovery of a new species during Exo Terra expedition

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During the Exo Terra expedition to Madagascar in 2004, a new species of the genus Phelsuma was discovered. This totally new and isolated species, was discovered by Exo Terra manager Emmanuel Van Heygen and also named after him: Phelsuma vanheygeni. It was found in the Bamboo forests on the Ampasindava peninsula in North Western Madagascar.

Phelsuma vanheygeni is a small species and reaches an overall maximum length of only 80 mm. Its dorsal coloration including head and tail is vivid green bordered by a yellowish lateral line. The ventral coloration is dirty white. This new species shares its habitat, patches of bamboo forests, with Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis, P. klemmeri and P. seippi. The juveniles of this new species are yellowish-brown and colour gradually green growing up.

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3rd discovery of a new species during Exo Terra expedition