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The coastal areas of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina support a diverse natural environment that includes sand beaches, cliffs, extensive sand dune fields, and lagoons. They are home to an endemic biota that has evolved in this unique environment. Unfortunately, due to uncontrolled human expansion into this region, many of these species are threatened — none more so than the Sand Dune Lizards (Liolaemus multimaculatus), that possess the ability to “swim” in the loose sands and coloration that is a perfect match to the local landscape. This highly specialized reptile is unable to successfully colonize other areas. If not protected, it will disappear completely from the face of the earth.

Argentine Sand Dune Lizard

With funding support from the IRCF, the Sand Dune Lizard Study and Conservation Project has been performing critical research that will support establishment of a Coastal Dunes Reserve by the provincial government. Protected habitat is crucial to the continued survival of the remarkable Sand Dune Lizard.

Argentine Sand Dune LizardArgentine Sand Dune LizardExo Terra supporting IRCF and its partners
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